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Taylors travel

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Stories of Chard from Elaine Pym

Once a tea room adjoining the George Hotel, the front door was added when it became Taylors Travel. Elaine worked at Taylors Travel in the early 80’s. “I worked with Andree, a wonderful French lady who had traveled the world, Karen who was like a big sister to me and Dorothy Brown who was in charge of the coaches, buses and railway information. Behind the shop was storage and a room where the coaches transport manager Mr Slocombe worked. The Taylors were good people to work for.

At first the office did not have its own toilet, we would go out the back door across the alleyway to the George Hotel, in past the Hotel reception desk and the receptionist Penny, to use their toilets.

I worked at Taylors before computers so we had to ring the holiday companies. In the busy season you would have to dial repeatedly to get through, yes dial not push buttons, it took ages.

Most of the holidays booked were to Spanish resorts, but also lots of rail travel tickets and National Express coach tickets. During the summer there was a weekly mystery tour and there were Christmas shopping trips and occasionally a guided tour abroad.”

The office remains a travel agents.

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