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Website updates and In the News

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Our latest website update tells the story of Godworthy House before it became Chard Museum. A video describes the cottages, the services and utilities that were available. Photographs show the cottages in disrepair before renovation and the ultimate opening of Chard Museum 50 years ago.

The Museum was recently featured in the Chard and Ilminster News. The news outlet supported us in launching our Chard Remembers programme.

We also linked with Travel Blogger, Geoff Moore this week. Geoff, with the help of our Chairman, Vince Lean produced and excellent blog, including a video specifically talking about John Stringfellow.

We have upgraded our own story of John Stringfellow, and are presently working on Margaret Bondfield's story. Finally, thanks to Anthony Hughes for sharing his presentation on the relationship between Nurse Elizabeth Wilkins and Edith Cavell.

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