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World War Two and Impact on Chard.png
World War Two Exhibition - 6th July 2024

Visit Chard Museum's World War Two And Its Impact on Chard Exhibition here. If you didn't get chance to visit the physical Exhibition in the Museum, visit our digital version here.

Food as History - Memories of World War 2

Chard Museum recently held a Food As History day, as part of Heritage Open Days. Members and visitors tried their hand at various war time recipes, which were interesting to say the least!

As part of this celebration we are sharing some of the interviews from our Digital Archives, where local people talk about their experiences in World War 2.

Unexploded Bombs in Chard.png
Memories of Children Evacuated To Chard

As a youngster what must it have been like to be transported away from your Mum and close family. Your Dad was probably serving in the forces, and here you are stuck in the country in Chard.

Here is an interactive programme sharing some of the experiences of those youngsters who arrived in Chard.

Victorian Class Photograph.png
Wonders of Chard Museum

If you have visited Chard Museum or are planning a visit, you will be given an opportunity to select your favourite artefact.

You can then share with us, why you selected that specific object and what makes it significant to you. We have provided some examples that our volunteers have shared with us.

Poppy with her exhibition NML My Home is MY Museum.jpg
My Home Is My Museum

If you’re off school, or working on a project now that you are back at school, and are aged between 4 and 14 years old, we’d love you to create your own exhibition or gallery of objects or artworks that inspire, or mean a lot to you!  Get creative and tell us your stories!

Plan of Chard Circa 1841.png
Know Your Place

Know Your Place is a digital heritage mapping resource to help you to explore your neighbourhood online through historic maps, collections and linked information.

This activity will show how to search for old and modern maps of buildings and properties across the South West.

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