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If you are off school and aged between 4 and 14 years old, we’d love you to create your own exhibition or gallery of objects or artworks that inspire, or mean a lot to you!  Get creative and tell us your stories!

We have offered two options that are described in during the rest of the page. The first that is described is my My Home is My Museum, the second is creating a Shoe Box Collection. Finally as we hope to display some of your exhibits on our social media pages we have provided  some guidance to your parents, grand parents or guardians so you are kept safe.

Work with the adults in your life, your friends, or brothers or sisters to create some really exciting and fun exhibits.

Imagine creating your own exhibition or gallery of artworks inspired by you! What would you like people to know about you? What are the important things in your home that are close to your heart? Who might you paint a picture of? Toys, special outfits, holiday souvenirs and much-loved teddy bears are some of the many things you might wish to include as objects are artworks.

The first option is make your own 'MY Home is my museum' video


We’d love to hear all about you and your story so let’s get creative! Here’s what you need to do:


  • Create a list of up to 10 objects that would be in an exhibition about you - write a short description about each one saying why you think they should be part of your display.


  • Create your own art gallery - draw, paint or make up to 10 of your very own artistic creations that represent the objects or people that are important to you. Write a short explanation of why you chose them.



  • Name your exhibition - keep it simple by naming it after you, or be more inventive and creative

  • Design a poster - every great exhibition has a brilliant poster to go with it, to entice visitors to come and see it. Design something eye-catching!

  • Create a promotional video - ask your mum, dad, carer, guardian, or grandparents to help you take a video to promote your exhibition and what it’s all about. It should be up to 60 seconds long, filmed in landscape mode on a smartphone, and then send it to us by email.

When your My Museum is My Home video is complete email it to us, remember to tell us


Your Name

Contact Number

Name of your Collection

Name of an adult who approvded your video 

Poppy with her exhibition NML My Home is

Poppy shares her important items

Liverpool Museums.png

With thanks to

National Museums Liverpool for their support in developing this programme

Poppy from Toddler Fun Learning shares her
My Home is My Museum
Courtesy of National Museums Liverpool 
Another Option is to make your own shoe box collection

How to make a shoe box collection and exhibit.

  1. Decide what you would like to collect. Gather your collection and check it will fit in a shoe box.

  2. Gather any craft materials you want to use. Recycled paper bags, wrapping paper, wallpaper make create covering for a shoe box.

  3. Cover the outside and leave it to dry.

  4. Decorate the outside to reflect your collection and make sure the name of your collection is on the lid. Let it dry.

  5. Decorate the inside of your shoe box. This soft toy collection has pictures for the toys to look at, a rug to make them comfortable. Use your imagination. If items in your collection are fragile what can you use to protect them? (bubble wrap and scraps of material are good for this).

  6. All good collections must have a list or record of the contents. This way you can keep a record of the items in the collection and it also helps you plan what you want to add to the collection in the future. You can either label individual items, or in our examples we have written a contents list inside the lid of the shoe box.

  7. Congratulations your shoe box collection is now ready to be displayed and added too!

When your Shoe Box Collection is complete email and tell us


Your Name

Contact Number

Name of your Collection

Date and Time you would like to deliver it to the Museum 

Name of an adult how supports your Exhibit

Plan your Shoe Box.png
Shoe Box Collection.png
Decorate your Shoe Box.png
Finished Shoe Box Collection.png
What happens next?

This challenge will last until  November 15th. Every participant who shares their own My Home is My Museum video or their Shoe Box Collection  with us will be invited to the Museum to see their exhibit during the December Christmas Tree Festival. They and their family will be given a  guided tour of the Musuem. We will also select the best five exhibits in each category to be displayed during our 2021 season. We will make sure that everyone who shares their Show Box Collection has it returned to them.

Important note for parents, guardians and participants


We will ask your permission to post some of the videos on our social media pages. While it’s great fun to put your videos out on social media, online safety is really important. So that we can keep you and your youngsters safe. When they are making their videos remember:


  • Don’t give full names in their videos and any messages that go with them.

  • Don’t give out any personal details away such as where you live, or what school you go to.

  • Make sure parents or guardians know exactly what's being posted on social media

  • If you see or read something online that makes you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or worried, tell a trusted adult straight away

You contact us by email to ask any questions and also to give us the name of the presenter, your name, and the name of the exhibit/video. This is so we can double check we have all permissions and all safety measures in place.

Watch this super video about Kara, Winston and the Smart Crew in the Childnet website to find out more!

If you’re a parent or guardian and would like to know more about online safety for children, here’s a video from the NSPCC with some great advice.

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