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When you visit the Museum you will see a wonderful and eclectic collection of artefacts that have been donated by local families, businesses and people. Remember it was one of the Chard’ Five, Arthur Hull, who started the collection.


All of the donated items tell a story. These stories we want to share with others…. not just ‘what is the artefact’ but the story behind the artefact. Look at the images of the Old Kitchen. What do they tell us about people’s life, their values, how people survived, how the objects defined social relationships, or benefited peoples' state of mind; their social, or economic standing.

Think about living through the pandemic and how life has and will change. What will people in 30, 40, or more years remember or want to remember. Can you help us preserve that? Have a look at our project called Chard Remembers

If you are a parent, grandparent, group leader or teacher read about My Home is My Museum and we are trying to get young people to share and create their own local history.

The Museum is always looking for artefacts that families are willing to donate to Help Us understand and share more.

How can you donate and what can you donate?


Chard Museum is focused on the history of the local area. So, if you want to donate and have an object that provides further insight into local history contact us at


The Museum has limited space to display or archive donated items. Trustees are presently examining options. The NEWS section of the website will provide further information as we develop our plans. Please DON’T be discouraged if an artefact you donate does not go on display immediately. 

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