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What have you been doing since the first lock-down in March 2020?


Life continues to be completely different for all of us. How we live, work, shop and interact is radically different as we are in the third major lockdown. We want to ensure that this is reflected in the museum and our archived collections.


In April 2020 Chard Museum launched this project asking people to share their experiences and memories of the coronavirus pandemic. The Covid-19 outbreak is a landmark moment in human history and the history of Chard. We are keen to capture information about what happened locally to inform future generations, create resource boxes and subsequently future displays and exhibits.

What are we collecting?

We are looking to develop a broad range of materials and experiences about how people felt, the way the community pulled together, experiences of the weekly clap for our carers and more recently to honour Colonel Sir Tom Moore, responses to key workers on the frontline, the challenges or joys of home schooling and how local businesses reacted.

Archives or artefacts that you donate might include

  • diaries or reminiscences that may have been made during lockdown and the ensuing weeks

  • photographs, images or rainbow pictures you may have made, taken or drawn

  • unique teaching resources used by parents’ home schooling for the first time.

  • record of experiences in relation to specific themes such as shopping

  • items used during the weekly clap

  • observations of the changing use of public spaces

  • video blogs or video footage

  • poems, songs or artwork.


and do not forget

  • records created by local businesses and industries that reflect their particular lockdown situation


  • you might like to record your experiences or memories. We would be happy to talk to you over the phone or via, for example Zoom, Facetime etc. and record these.

How to share

There is currently no deadline for when submissions can be made as the pandemic still has some way to run before it is officially over. We anticipate that the large majority of experiences will be shared digitally. These can be emailed to

All digital artefacts are covered by the Museum’s Terms and Conditions for Receipt of Digital Artefacts


Click here to upload your digital memories 

If you are emailing your digital images please include






Description or story of the donation


If you are donating a physical item then call us on 0146065091 or even better email us and someone will contact you to discuss the best way forward.  

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