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Chard Remembers: Flamingo's Fly In during Lockdown

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Gerrie Bews shares some memories 'the months leading up to VE and VJ Day celebrations all the ladies at the Museum had been knitting red, white, and blue bunting to display outside the Museum. Alas, Alack, Covid-19 and lockdown set in and this all had to be set aside. My grand-daughter asked me if I could make a rainbow to make it all go away. She will be four on Monday 15th June and lives in Florida. I could not be with her, as planned, so I knitted her a rainbow and sent it to her. Another one went to my other grand-daughter aged 8 months, who is in St Albans. It has been used for baby sensory Zoom sessions. In years to come, I hope these little girls will come across these discarded items and remember that there is hope at the end of the rainbow and that even this has passed. We will survive'.

Gerrie was unable to fly to Florida to celebrate her grand daughters birthday, instead she arrranged for a flock of flamingo's to share Chloe's birthday.

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