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Christmas Tree Festival 2020

After two successful years the Christmas Tree Festival is back in 2020. However, given the present ‘new-normal’ we will be arranging things differently to maintain everyone’s safety. We want more people to visit so we will display the trees for a whole week, starting on Saturday 28th November through to Sunday 6th December.

As a new venture we are asking for Schools, Young People Groups and any others who would like to take part, to make Nativity Scenes, hopefully made from recycled materials. These will be displayed alongside the trees. More information will be be made available later in the month. We will also be displaying any exhibits that have been created through our My Home is My Museum activity.

Presently we are looking at the logistics of entertainment and refreshments. We will post updates as they become available. There will be Raffle. We feel that this Community event will be good for the town especially this year when everyone has been distanced in their local community.

If want to help or have ideas please email Doreen Toms.

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