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Lace Riot Walk - Bench No. 6

Bench No. 6 - Choughs Inn

Lace Riot Walk - Bench No. 6

Bench No. 6 - The Choughs

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On the 24th August the Mill owners, some Aldermen and businessmen held an emergency meeting at The Choughs. Tensions were very high, particularly when they shared the events of the previous night. Windows had been smashed at Oram’s and Holyrood Mill and at Mayor Spicer’s house. There was a genuine fear that anarchy would arrive in Chard. Alderman Toms thought that they should speak to a deputation before taking any other action.

Meanwhile, the workers had gathered at Field Bars and had appointed a deputation to meet with the Mill owners. As the deputation made their way to The Choughs, the rest of the crowd would not stay put and followed them down the High Street.

Alderman Toms and some of the Mill owners met the crowd outside the Choughs, unhappy that the whole group of strikers had arrived with the deputation. James Galpin, one of the workers’ deputation, said the crowd was angry that the Yeomanry had been called.
Mr. Hill, the owner of Holyrood Mill, said they would not meet the deputation until the workers had returned to work. There were angry shouts from the crowd. There was movement further down the street . . . the height of the crisis has arrived.

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