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Good to Go, so come and see us

In August the Museum had 17 booked tours. 16 took place and there was 1 no show. The capacity of each tour was 6. The average tour size was 2 (with one 3). A total of 40 visitors attended the Museum, 5 of which were children (under the age of 14). However, an additional 3 visitors came to the Museum having seen a piece we put in the Chard Flyer about Chard Remembers. One of the group, came to share a story about when he was evacuated to Winsham as a boy. In August 2019 there were 212 visitors, with 67 children.

While numbers are disappointing it is not possible to draw any real conclusions from this data. We are living in different times. However it does highlight that we have a lot of work to do to ensure we can maintain a sustainable museum. All visitors completed a paper feedback form. The scores are high on all quantitative questions. One significant trend is that when asked ‘what did you enjoy the most about your visit’ all respondents wrote something similar to ‘the tour and guides and the knowledge they brought to the visit’. In September, thanks to the work of the South West Museum Development team we will relaunch a more detailed, electronic feedback questionnaire using the South West Visitor Information (SWVI).

Members, please support your Museum. Come and visit is and learn more about '50 Years and Beyond'

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