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Draw or paint your way through the history of Chard

Every Tuesday for 5 weeks you can draw and paint to your hearts content with tuition or advice from local artist Claire Jeanes. Enjoy exclusive access to the wonderful and fascinating artefaacts and history in the local Chard Museum.

Details: Starting on 26th April from 14:00 - 16:00

Cost £50 for the 5 week course

Book: Call Claire on 07900095222 or email

Hopefully Claire will run more courses throughout the Summer.

In addition to Claire the Museum is being joined by Vera Courinha Marques, as our Artist in Residence. Vera will use a space in the Museum for her own work and then will run a diverse series of workshops and courses in the Barn.

If anyone has walked past the Museum you will have seen the windows decorated as a reminder of the conflict and human suffering in Ukrains. Vera decorated these along with our own colleagues Gwyneth and Doreen.

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