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Chard Remembers- Olivia joins the Museum team

Olivia’s Lockdown. The Museum would like to introduce Olivia. Olivia is a student at Holyrood School joining the Museum team to complete her bronze Duke of Edinburgh award.

Some of the activities Olivia will be working on include collecting experiences of the past 12-months from her friends, creating some videos looking at how Her Home has become Her Museum over the past 12-months.

Olivia will also work with Gerrie, our Researcher to create stories and presentations from artefacts in the Museum digitalised archives.

You will see more of Olivia's stories and activities in the next three months. We are sure you'll enjoy them.

Lockdown started for me on March 20th (2020) which was the same date as my dad’s birthday. Once it had begun things began to change our lives rather rapidly. At first it was very unusual as my mum was always home looking after us as she was unable to go to work. She was unable to stay working due to the fact she travelled from other people’s houses cleaning their houses and looking after them throughout the week. She then decided to start to do peoples shopping and helped out people who were unable to leave their homes and started looking after Rental Properties for Bob and Gerrie. She really loved this.

My dad on the other hand was a keyworker as he is a plumber. Because of this it led him to have to keep working so then we were able to afford essential items for ourselves and keep paying the bills for our house. This constantly affected us because he had to make sure he was safe and cautious during the worse situations. We didn’t see him often due to the long hours of work and leaving early in the morning sometimes to go and collect parts of things he needed so he could fix something in someone’s house.

At the start of this I was quite worried about the future as it began to get worse all over the world. I think it made me feel a bit more worried watching the news all the time and seeing that all the time. It made me more conscious about the choices I made. I remember wondering if I would get it next or if one of my friends would get it. I would always facetime and chat with my friends during this time period as you were unable to go and chat with them in person and unable to go outside to even see them at all. I had been doing lots of activities before it started like badminton and going riding at my mum’s friends every day but now it was unavailable for me to do.

School work was a big struggle as most people had to stay home and do their work from an electronical device. Unfortunately, if you needed help it was hard to be able to communicate with your teacher very well as you may not get an immediate response when you needed it. It caused many people including me to get stressed due to the situation they were in plus with them being worried about the virus caused many people to become even more stressed and unable to focus on their school work at all. Plus, many people are unable to have access to devices to do their school work on and many schools may not be able to provide a device for you to do your school work and with many people buying devices so they can do their school work on so lots of device are sold out. In addition to this many people who may live in the countryside may have quite bad internet. Unfortunately, it makes their access to school work very difficult as they may be unable to access some websites to complete their school work. Most people had access to zoom calls with their class at certain times of the day but most schools didn’t have access to this and used zoom videos to explain the tasks they had to do.

I learned many new things about lockdown and how it has helped me to discover new ways to do things and also find many new interests I never knew I liked so much. When lockdown was put in place many people began to start to help out many people all over the world. This made people not always focus on the virus that was traveling around the world. People were able to discover and learn new information from videos and instructions from people all around the world with their online school work and how to do things at home. New ways of communication were encouraged around the world which made more help for people who needed it. This caused people to rely on the internet more now than ever so they could stay in touch with loved ones. Whereas before many people who didn’t know how to use electrical devices where now seeing a point in these items, this made people who used to not take a lot of interest in this began to use them to contact people that where around them or for events they would usually go to during this time.

I was able to spend more time with the ponies and spend more time having fun with my friends online during this time which enabled me to be able to speak with my friends more frequently than I usually would. I also was able to learn lots of new skills and knowledge that I didn’t know beforehand.

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