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Mitchell Toms

4 Fore Street

Chard brewers Mitchell were founded in 1771 under the name of John Mitchell, a brandy merchant.

Meanwhile, Sumner and Toms acquired the Chard Brewery in 1825 and became a wine merchant and brewer. In 1893 the companies amalgamated and became Mitchell Toms and Co. Ltd.

In 1937 the company was taken over by Joseph Brutton and Sons Ltd., of Yeovil and cider-making was added to the firm’s activities as well as a mineral water factory. The Chard Brewery was used for cider production and people tell us that you could smell the apples as you went up High Street. The firm’s offices were in 4 Fore Street, whilst the brewery was based further up on High Street.

In 1960 the company was taken over by Bass Charringtons. For some time Barclays Bank occupied the ground floor of 4 Fore Street. In the new development that replaced the Old Post Office, in the early 1970s, this site became Gateway supermarket, then Stokes greengrocers, G and V Green, greengrocers and now Specsavers.

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