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2a High St

Hughes & Co. was established in 1870 and opened a general drapers and milliners shop in these premises. By the 1890s Chard could boast a dozen or so similar shops to this.

In the early 1920s S. O. Gill opened a bakery and cafe, which is well remembered as the place to go for afternoon tea.

Gill’s used the upstairs as a function room for children’s parties and wedding receptions. Gill’s also operated as outside caterers for similar events and celebrations.

It has since housed Best Carpets (house furnishers and carpet specialist), the Job Centre, another cafe called Cafe au Lait and currently Saraiva’s, a Portuguese restaurant.

If you would like to share or you have different memories of Hughes / Saraiva’s you can message us on the Museum Facebook page, email us at, or visit us at the Museum or any Chard Revealed event.

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