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Boot and Shoe Shop, 11 Fore Street

The photo shows the original location of Frisbys at no.13 Fore Street. The reference to Leicester on the lamps of the shop indicate the origin of the Frisby company. It was one of the earliest chains of boot and shoe shops in England.

The founder, Joseph Frisby 1848-1902, was the son of an agricultural worker from Leicestershire. He started a tobacconist business in Leicester, but by 1872 he was selling footwear. He soon branched out running market stalls, firstly in nearby towns such as Chesterfield and Wakefield and then further afield.

Joseph then began opening high street shops all over the country. Frisbys moved to no. 11 in 1930.

Frisbys remained a privately-owned family business until 1982, finally selling for £6mn to Ward White owner of Tuf shoes and a chain named Wyles.

After this it remained a shoe shop under the name of Shoe Fayre, then Shoe Zone. Ferne Animal Sanctuary occupied the premises and it is now JKS Flooring.

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