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1874 Cornhill
The site of Thomas Young’s printing business where the Chard and Ilminster News was Founded in 1874

The Chard and Ilminster was a weekly newspaper published on Saturdays and priced 1d. It was not Chards first newspaper that was started in 1838 ‘The Chard Union Gazette’ the editor and printer being Mr John Toms. This paper was a small paper, as paper was taxed at the time and it was a monthly publication. For as well as paper tax there was a newspaper stamp duty to pay this paper finished in 1841. Later a Mr James Nowlen produced the Nowlen’s Weekly Chronicle which was in competition with the Chard and Ilminster as was the Chard, Ilminster and Axminster Gazette, but this paper sold at a higher price.

Printed in the Chard and Ilminster dated May 1846.

Adverts from a program of events in 1892, when the Chard Boundary was extended.

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