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1840 Watt’s Store

Rented to Grocer Mr Alford in 1840. Later sold to Gifford Fox 1940, used by Watts Bros. Ownership passed to Mr Whit, then Chard Town Council.

The earliest information is on the Wood Map of 1840. It is probable that the property was owned by Mr Langdon, the banker (Stuckey’s Bank). Mr John Churchill Langdon Bought Parrocks Lodge in 1851, which is across the road from Tatworth Church. He lived there with his wife Emma Jane and their six children. He was the squire and was a valued member of the parish and wider area. In 1836 – 1840 John Langdon was the Mayor of Chard. In 1876 at the County Petty Sessions, Churchill Langdon was the Justice of the Peace for the Ilminster Division of the county.

He probably rented it to Mr Alford baker and grocer.

The properties (no 18 and 20) were then sold to Gifford Fox with their tenants. By 1940, the building had become rented to Mr Watts’ and used as a store. The insertion of Boden Street resulted in much realignment. The end of the building and the buildings at its rear were demolished. The building was bought by Chard Borough Council when Gifford Fox sold up.

The area highlighted in brown is all that is left of Watts’ Store.

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