Chard Museum Re-Opening: Frequency Asked Questions


In line with government recommendations, Chard Museum will reopen on Saturday 01st August. The welfare of our visitors, volunteers and stewards is our top priority.  We do not wish to put anyone at unnecessary risk. When we reopen small groups will need to book in advance.

We have created answers to a number of reopening FAQs. These answers outline how we will reopen and welcome you to our museum. The details in this answers might change as a result of Government guidance and advice from South West Heritage and the SW Museum Programme Development team.

Frequently Asked Questions about re-opening

Will the Museum open at the same times as last year? 

No, there will be a phased reopening. During August and September, we will only open to welcome couples, families, or groups from the same household who have booked in advance. We will then be able to assess future plans.

The Museum will be open to groups on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday with booked slots avaialble at 10:00 - 11:30; 11:30 - 13:00 and 14:00 - 15:30, and Saturday between 10:00 - 11:30 and 11:30 - 13:00.


How do we make a Booking to visit the Museum when it opens?

Bookings can be made through our website at  Book Online or our dedicated phone line at 07870 697956 between 10:00 to 16:00.


Once a booking has been made you will receive an email confirming the date and time of the visit. A further email will be sent to you 3 days before your visit with any additional information you may need. 


Will I have a limited time slot when I make a booking for my visit?

Yes, each tour will be available for 90 minutes. If you arrive early you may have to wait outside the Museum. There is a bench where you can sit.


When you open, how will you implement social distancing measures to ensure visitors will be safe? 

There will be a few changes to how you may have visited Museum's previously. Our venue is not well-placed to introduce 2 metre social distancing measures. This is one reason we are limiting the number of visitors at any one time. Our stewards will wear face coverings, plastic gloves and/or other protective equipment. Please don’t be alarmed, this is to protect you and our colleagues.

The Stewards can give you a tour explaining the history of the exhibits, or they will simply walk around the Museum with you. 


Will visitors be expected to wear masks / gloves? 

Yes, in line with the 24th July statement that people should wear facemasks in shops we are implenting a similar system. We do have some spare face masks in case you forget to bring one. When a booking is confirmed we will include any changes to how we are operating in an email 3 days before your visit.


Can I clean my hands during and after my visit to the Museum?

We have installed 5 sanitisation stations in key places in the Museum. Visitors will be able to use these throughout their visit to help keep themselves and others safe. 


Can I use the toilet if we make a booking to visit the Museum?

We have one accessible toilet. We will be enhancing our cleaning arrangements, which may mean a wait. Please be patient, use common sense and follow our Stewards guidance.


Can we touch the objects?

Your Steward Guide(s) will discourage you from handling the artefacts. This is to reduce risk. However, we recognise that could be a challenge for youngsters. A second steward will accompany your tour and will clean where people use their hands. This also includes hand rails, door handles, display cabinets and the like.


Will schools be allowed to visit when the museum re- opens? 

We won’t be able to facilitate school visits when we first open. However, while our doors have been closed, we have been working on resources that we will share with schools to enable them to continue learning with us and until they can visit again. We would encourage families to bring their children during the summer holidays and while school visits are off limits. 


Can you come and visit us and give presentations to small school or adult groups?

Yes. We have a group of presenters who are willing to visit you. However, we would need to discuss that well in advance so that we understand your own plans for social distancing.


How much will it cost to visit as a small family group?

We want to reduce cash handling. We are waiving our normal entrance fee(s) for the remainder of 2020. However to support the Museum's sustainability we will encourage one member of the group to become a Member of the Museum and make their donation by card. We can keep the card reader clean. An additional benefit is that Members can return to the Museum at no cost until December 2021.


What about Tracing?

In line with advice provided we will keep a record of our Visitor contact details and phone numbers for 21 days. In case of any incident this will help us to take action to support public welfare.

I don’t feel comfortable returning yet, how can I engage with the museum so I don’t miss out? 

We will be continuing to build our Virtual Museum including adding videos explaining the history of Godworthy, Margaret Bondfield talking about when she was appointed a Minister in the Labour Government, and exploring the myths of Chard. You can also read stories from our museum online. 

Contact Us:

Address: Godworthy House, High Street, Chard, TA20 1QB

Telephone: 01460 65091