Visitors Comments

Visitors Comments

These are a few of the many nice things our visitors have written in our Visitors Book.


Tom Stainton     17/07/2013
I found the museum very interesting. A good day out for the family.Ed Roper     17/07/2013
Fantastic museum, loved it lots

Christopher Wills     17/03/2013
Having seen your site I cannot wait to visit, thank you so much for being there for us all.

Emily Smith     27/11/2012
I think chard museum is the best place I’ve every been to and I liked the way you set all the things out

Dr David Bellamy     11/09/2012
Chard Museum is a gem of local history, standing where it should be, in the High Street for all to see and be proud of. My congratulations to the team that looks after this living time capsule and the many Friends who support it. I had a superb afternoon and left determined to come back next time I am in Somerset.

Susan Djauharie     16/07/2012
Hope to be able to visit the museum some day. My great great great grandfather Eli Aplin (1829-1879) used to work for Charles Dening in Chard.

Brian Phillips 26.06.12     01/07/2012
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at your wonderful museum. A time capsule for a lovely town

Linda Vijeh     16/01/2012
I was so impressed with this delightful local museum that I became a trustee!

M. Tims     02/08/2011
An interesting and varied display depicting the past of Chard and its people. A wonderful account of Chard’s lace riots is available on CD and well worth listening to. The CD alone will surprise and enlighten any one interested in local and social history. Well done to all concerned. Lets hope other museums can learn and build upon such projects.

wookash, chard     30/07/2011
brilliant museum chard is amazing. What an increadable airplane. if it was nt for Chard the world would be such a different place(a rubbish place)
Love everything that chard stands for.x

Chris     22/06/2011
IT is wonderful

bob     22/06/2011
i like it very much

Aleesha, yeovi     23/10/2010
I REALLLY ENJOYED my morning at the museum.There is LOADS of infomation and interesting stuff.The staff were REALLY friendly and nice! I loved the world war 2 stuff because i enjoy learning about ww2 stuff. There is a nice filed with old machines and nice picnic area. And overall in is a really good musean.

A.Townley     23/10/2010
Excellent museum. Like so many people have passed it many times and kept meaning to go in. I am so glad I finally went in as I learnt so much not simply about Chard but about but about history in general.

N. Wells-Burr     13/07/2010
I just heard that the Museum might be closing! D:
I remember going there when I was in Primary School. It is absolutely amazing there, and the people there are very friendly and helpful.
My dad has in the past got copies of old newspapers from their stores.
It is a place with a wealth of knowledge and fun!
I am certainly taking my nan again!
A museum must NEVER be closed.

M.Morley, Oakham     04/09/2009
Spent over two and a half hours looking at all the interesting exhibits. I think Chard should be proud of this Museum

P.Westley, West Midlands     14/07/2009
A fascinating array of local objects from times gone by. Excellent value for money, extremely friendly and helpful staff. Well worth a visit!

M Holmes     23/04/2009
keep this wonderful place going

Kevin Close     24/01/2009
Probably one of the most comprehensive collections of rural crafts, local engineering and some fantastic large exhibits. A credit to all concerned in establishing and continuing to provide a window on Chards past

L.Steer, Reading     12/06/2008
Fantastic place to visit well done to all who make it possible

megan, beth taworth primary     11/06/2008
We really enjoyed visiting the museum.
The commode was really funny and we liked spotting the odd ones out.It is a lot bigger than you would have thought.There was so much to look at. Our favorite thing was the dresses up stairs. We believe one of them was Mrs Dillons.

shannon Tatworth Primary School     11/06/2008
I really enjoyed going to Chard museum with the rest of year four. I especially liked the dress bit upstairs. Thank you for making our visit the best day ever.

L, B & D, Hemel Hempstead     22/06/07
Wonderful place to visit, well worth the money, so much to see

D. Laws, MP, Lydmarsh     22/06/07
Fantastic! Well done to you all on achieving something that Chard can be proud of

A & L Glenister, Oxfordshire     20/06/07
Absolutely brilliant, so well kept and exhibited.

J & L Mitchell, Camberley     06/06/07
What an eye-opener – best little museum we’ve ever seen – and at 80 that’s a lot!

W Payne, Ilminster     17/05/07
A most interesting and varied exhibition – I shall have to come again to do it justice

J Roper, Honiton     06/10/06
Keep open for future generations, informative, surprising, fantastic.

D McGann, Beasley, Australia     04/10/06
We have spent a fantastic hour and a half in your wonderful museum

J Smead, Sittingbourne     13/09/06
Best museum yet visited

C Hine & N Vincent, Chard     28/10/06
Have finally come in after years of passing by – wish we’d come sooner! Absolutely fascinating – and vast! Must be a lot of hard work – many thanks

H Beryl, Kings Langley     23/08/06
Fascinating displays which help to stimulate the imagination and give a real impression of a community in a bygone period. Thank you!

D & B Williams, Dudley     22/06/06
One of the best museum anywhere

D & C Bronwen, Cardiff     12/04/06
Wonderful. The best we’ve ever seen