The Culturally Chard CONSORTIUM will host a spring festival in 2022

thursday 28th - saturday 30th april

Dec  21 Banner Pic From Beccy.jpg

Somerset Art Works, with the wonderful local artist Jenny Mellings, has led over 30 workshops building community ideas and imagination to create 5 Banners for the Town. While still a work in progress (see the images above) Jenny has shared her initial ideas. The completed banners, along with more themed workshops led by Jenny, will be at the centre of the programme on Friday 29th April.

The Museum will be relaunching the rejuvanated Blue Plaque Walk and the Lace Riot Walk. We are presently recruiting volunteers to join our programme of Walk Guides. If interested email Howard at

We will also, by using one of the community Banners, be creating an iSpy Trail around Chard Town Centre for families and young people.

More information about the Walks will be available on this website.

Full details of the Spring Festival will be available at Culturally Chard