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The latest activities with the project, gaining a wide range of potential museum storylines.

50 Years and Beyond April 2024
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A really important part of our project is to talk to lots of people about our ideas for the museum and, more importantly, their ideas for the museum. Together we are starting to shape ideas for what a Chard Museum of the future might look like and do.


Over the last few months these ‘community conversations’ have been organised and led by Helen Horler. Her task has been to talk to lots of people, especially those who haven't really used the museum before, to get their help shaping the future Stories we might tell and how the Spaces of the museum could best meet their needs.


We have now spoken to over 230 people from all sorts of different backgrounds and areas.  Their input and suggestions will be essential in making sure any changes to the museum are the right ones and that we can ensure the museum remains relevant, valued and used by the people of Chard and District.


A massive thank you to all those who gave their time and thoughts, including:











  • Local artists


  • Local politicians and councillors


  • Museum trustees and volunteers


  • Museum visitors


  • Shoppers, visitors and residents who completed our High St survey


  • Town and Parish clerks


We will be digesting and analysing all of the feedback and suggestions over the next couple of months and using it to plan the next stage of the museum redevelopment.

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