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IMPORTANT CHANGE: new date for the AGM

Our challenging and uncertain times continue. We have been incredibly fortunate in south Somerset but the spike in coronavarius means we still need to play our part in preventing its spread. We really want as many people to attend the AGM as possible. However we want our members and supporters to be safe. The AGM will be hosted using Zoom as well as an option to attend in person. The only suitable venue, that can support Zoom attendance, is not available on our planned date. The Trustees on Tuesday, agreed to change the date by one week.

The Annual General Meeting is now scheduled to be held

Wednesday 25th November

Starting at 19:00

Physical Venue will be the Guildhall, High Street, Chard

Full details and papers will be available next week, starting Monday 19th October.

Any enquiries about the AGM should be directes to

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