Godworthy House

This part of the museum contains displays on the history of Chard from the time of its first charter in 1235 to its contribution to the two World Wars.

John Stringfellow

There is also a display, probably the best anywhere,
on the work of John Stringfellow, a pioneer of powered flight. He and his friend, William Henson, designed a steam powered aircraft and introduced a Bill into Parliament to set up an ‘Aerial Steam Navigation Company’ to fly people around the world.When the Bill failed Henson emigrated to America but John Stringfellow carried on with experiments into flight. He finally built a http://gaganpolycot.com/doxycycline-online-usa-ca-uk-au-canadian-pharmacy/ ten-foot wingspan monoplane powered by a small stream engine which he managed to fly successfully in a disused lace mill in Chard in 1848.