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chard cast

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The ChardCast project is being developed by Chard Museum on behalf of Culturally Chard. It is funded by South Somerset District Council and Historic England.


The project is led by Richard Tomlinson. Richard lives in Chard and works as a freelance artist and creative technologist. His practice combines the production of audio visual artwork such as video installation and sound-art with facilitation of community engagement projects.


Richard is currently also producing an interactive video installation entitled ‘Through the Looking Glass’, commissioned by The Brewhouse Theatre and Art Centre. The installation will allow visitors to fast forward through billions of years of life on Earth, whilst also reflect on how their actions impact on the planet. The work was exhibited in July 2022.


Richard will be leading groups and individuals through the process of producing future ChardCast episodes. Themes include Astonishing Inventions, the Carnival, Making of the Banners of Chard, the impact of the Reservoir and Chard Goes Global: Chard Together which will share perceptions of the town as multicultural.


If you want to help produce a ChardCast simply email or call 07870697956

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