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ATTEND the agm

Please complete the AGM Attendance Form to confirm your attendance, or not at the virtual meeting. This is important as it will help us plan for the actual evening. Further it will ensure that everyone receives the correct url link and voting forms.

decisions requested at the agm

There are important Decisions Requested at the 2020 AGM.  Please read the detail of these decisions and the guidelines on how to vote in Decisions Requested.

Papers for the agm

The AGM Agenda outlines the reports to be received during the AGM. The Minutes of the AGM held on March 28th 2019 and the Accounts for 2019 need to be agreed. The Chairman's Report will be presented for 2019-20 and highlight significant achievments and those areas where the Museum needs to continue its development. The rationale, supporting Decisions Requested, to close the existing charity and complete an asset transfer to a newly formed Chard and District Museum (CIO) are explained.


There is an interview with Tim Burge, the 50 Years and Beyond project manager, explaining what work has been carried out and what the next steps are. Tim has also created a Timeline explaining key stages over the next four years.


Finally there areTwo sub-group reports available. These are Communication and Marketing and the Collection and Visitor Experience groups. 

Watch the Interview with Tim Burge

minutes of the 2020 agm

Minutes of the 2020 AGM will be posted on this page within 3 weeks of the completed meeting